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Cases and Clients

Reduce operational hours to minutes

“Koncili made reconciling marketplace payments faster and more reliable. Before using Koncili, we had a lot of trouble with reconciliation, especially in the case of cancellations that occurred after we’d received payment. Not to mention how fast it now is. Today, a process that used to take me hours can be handled in minutes, with more precise values, eliminating the endless spreadsheets I used to use. Koncili also helps us find discrepancies in received transfers and commissions charged inappropriately. We’ve had cases of sales made when we were out of stock because of a mistake by the marketplace, in which case our store should not have been charged commission, and we noticed this discrepancy thanks to Koncili. Today I have more time to manage my business, because I can rely on this automatic reconciliation system that helps my manage my receivables.”

– Claudia Rezende

Vitrino Relógios


Maringá – PR

More profits for my business and fast support

“Our experience has been profitable, pleasant, and very positive! You have an excellent business tool. Right away, after starting to use it, we found transfer problems we’d never have found on our own, and that was after testing it with just one single marketplace! And I can’t stress enough that your support staff is always available, patient, and knowledgeable—which is extremely hard these days. With other companies, we often need to wait 72 hours for a response after submitting a request, but Koncili responds almost immediately!”

That’s why we signed up with Koncili without hesitation. I recommend it!!! Long story short, from 1 to 10, Koncili scores a 10.”

– Daniel Sammut



Porto Seguro – BA

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